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—  SAVORY  —

Modern Italian appetizers and small plates that capture the flavors of the season


—  Antipasti  —
Antipasti, the foods offered before the meal, are a colorful, delicious way to set the stage for the coming feast. We will select for color, flavor, texture, and how well they complement each other and the meal to come.

—  Charcuterie Platter —
Fresh, homemade, and delicious, including the straight - from Italy artisan cheeses, this delightfully plated appetizer will serve your guests authentic ingredients exactly as they’d be served in Italy.
Small - Med - Large

—  Genovese —
Genovese Sauce is a specialty that has its origins in Naples. It is a white sauce with a base of caramelized onions and meat that simmer for several hours together with a variety of other mouthwatering ingredients. I serve my Genovese sauce over a soft, creamy bed of polenta; however it is more traditionally served with tube pasta.   

—  Arancini  —
Arancini are wonderful appetizers that originated in Sicily. They can be made in many different ways. If you can imagine several layers of goodness in one bite sized ball. Starting on the outside, you will taste a crunchy layer followed by saffron infused risotto. In the middle, there will be a surprise of either ham and  melted mozzarella, or a homemade ragu sauce and melted cheese.

—  Risotto (Seasonal) —
An Italian specialty that is the dominate staple in some northern regions. You could in fact eat a different risotto recipe each day of the year, and not run out of flavor choices. My true Italian risotto is creamy, yet not runny, cooked to a consistency Italians call all’onda, which translates as “with waves.”

—  Handmade Lasagna  —
My lasagna is a combination of fresh lasagna noodles, homemade Bolognese sauce, and a creamy bechamel sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese.

—  Bolognese —
My signature Bolognese sauce is a delicious meat sauce that I learned to make from my Italian friends. The taste is mild, not overpowering, with many layers of flavor, and is delicious with any type of pasta.

—  Handmade Pasta  —
Enjoy soft, fresh pasta ready to be paired with your favorite sauce. Choose between plain noodles, or a variety of colored pasta, ranging from green, (spinach), red, (beet and paprika), or yellow, (turmeric).